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Download our Eco Committed Brochure(pdf)

Peake DeLancey has always been an award winning, premium printer with high-volume printing, mailing and fulfillment capabilities, ready to serve all your needs. We have been, and remain a leader, in all facets of the industry over the years. Our commitment is to produce the best product, with the best expertise and service, while looking for ways to improve our commitment to you. We have always operated in a manner that minimizes our impact on the environment; that was always common sense. We would not be Peake DeLancey Printers if we failed to do more than what is least required. That is why we are Eco-Committed.

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Peake DeLancey FSC Certification- BV-COC-020152



With the saying, “Think Globally, Act Locally,” the environmental movement gained attention. This simple catchphrase has brought to light our society’s impact on the world. By taking small steps in our behavior and responsibility, lifestyles have changed. Peake DeLancey has always looked for responsible ways to help in these transformations that are now evolving in new and exciting ways.

With the public’s re-energized attention to environmental issues, many companies are saying what they do to “be responsible” or “do the right thing.” While it is very good to say what you do, we commit to continually enacting eco-friendly policies and commit to pioneering new and better practices.

Peake DeLancey is working to be Eco-Committedfor generations to come. This is going to be an ever-evolving responsibility. We will help lead you through all the new technologies, certifications and practicalities coming to the forefront daily; promoting your concerns, while helping us with this pledge. Renew, Reuse, Recycle, Responsibility, Sustainability and Commitment. This is what we stand for. Please come join us in this commitment.

Download our Eco Committed Brochure(pdf)



Eco-Committed Practices

  • Recycling cans at every desk, workstation and copier, in all departments and in all buildings.

  • Recycling centers in 11 areas throughout all departments for all eligible materials.

  • All internal paper communications printed on recycled and certified papers.

  • Cyclone vacuum system at each piece of equipment in the bindery to guarantee all waste is collected and recycled.

Recycling per Year

  • 2,400,000lbs of paper
  • 90,000lbs of cardboard
  • 132,000lbs of printed material from storage or from our clients
  • An average of 2,600,000lbs of material is diverted from landfills annually
  • All aluminum plates and plant metals recycled with an average of 33,000lbs a year.
  • All dried or un-used ink is collected and recycled into reusable products and fuel blended for energy. An average of 8,200lbs per year is recycled and diverted from landfills.
  • All used solvents collected and fuel blended for energy. An average of 30,000lbs per year recycled.




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Peake DeLancey FSC Certification- BV-COC-020152

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